Installing WordPress (intro)

I have to admit, installing WordPress is so easy these days. Not that it’s ever been overly difficult, but it’s just so much simpler now especially with most hosts providing softalicious and little more than a one-click install. It really is a painless process.

But then you need to set it up and that’s where the fun begins.

  1. Start uploading new images,
  2. Remove and/or change default content,
  3. Modify theme to your look and feel,
  4. Install plugins for safe site-ness (SEO, Security, Site enhancements),
  5. Start writing content.

So that’s where we’ll begin the first series of posts. Based on those points above.


Hello WordPress Twenty-Seventeen

twenty seventeen cactus

It’s no surprise this is a WordPress website. It’s been a while since I was looking forward to a theme, and I thought for a moment, this might be it. Sadly, after a very short play, I’m now thinking it’s not.

So today, it’s Twenty Seventeen, tomorrow it could be something else. I’d prefer it to be a child theme, but for the moment, the default is here.

What don’t I like about it?

Well, WordPress is still suffering from it’s usual faults and whilst I think Twenty Seventeen is actually starting to address some of these, this simple blog post highlights a couple of basics.

(The following points are really going to depend on the theme presented on this site. Whilst writing this it is the default theme, and these problems exist. They may not exist by the time you read it whether it be because the theme has been updated, the theme has been changed, or simply I’ve hacked the shit out of it).

  • Dot points. Damn, they’re out of paragraph sitting outside the line of the existing paragraph text. Why do themes do that? (could be different on mobile and different desktop sizes, I haven’t experimented yet).
  • The side and footer widgets. C’mon guys, the widgets are based on the same information (initial and by default) Find Us and About this site with a search bar thrown in the middle. The same widgets appear in the footer.  But editing one doesn’t edit the other. These should be dynamically pulled from a post type which could be called “Widget Contents” or anything else. “Asides” even. Whatever. But don’t have a blog page contain the same widgets in the sidebar and footer and allow the actual contents to be different (if they are in fact meant to be the same). Don’t worry, I will fix this one.
  • The featured images are just WAY too LARGE. Why that big?
  • Whitespace. Ok, WordPress has been doing this for years. Coming unto it’s own really in Twenty Thirteen. Do texts and white space need to be so large?
  • On the fly image editing and cropping, and especially a “crop to” selection for when the theme is going to do a custom crop (as it does for the main header image on the site as at today—with the sandbar. If I had my choice, that selected part is cropped a little low, let’s drag it up a little higher and get some better content from what was already a good image),
  • I’ll add more later

About This Site

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